Medal of Honor Frontline

You are about to embark on the great crusade which we have striven these many mouths. The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty loving people everywhere march with you. In-company with our brave allies and brothers-in-arms on other fronts, you will bring about the destruction of the German War Machine, the elimination of Nazi Germany over the oppressed people of Europe and security for ourselves in a free world. Your task will not be an easy one, your enemy is well-trained, well-equipped and battle-hardened; he will fight savagely. I have full confidence in your courage, devotion to duty and skill in battle. We will expect nothing less than full victory, good luck. Let’s us all besiege the blessings of Almighty God upon this great and noble undertaking.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

June 6th 1944 (D-Day)

The Choice

June 6th 1944, 175,000 Allied soldiers breached the walls of fortress Europe through a tense German resistance, by late June, Cherbourg had fallen, giving the Allies the ports they so desperately needed. By early August, Eisenhower had massed an Allied army over one million strong. Treacherous field to field fighting unleashed a breakout across France. With the Germans in full retreat, the Allies marched into Paris. Field Marshal Montgomery moved north into Belgium, while General Patton and the 3rd Army pushed for the Maginot line, it was here where the Allies encountered their newest enemy: the lack of sufficient supplies. Patton’s plan was to run straight into the teeth of Maginot line directly to Berlin. Monty had devised a daring airborne operation that had the potential of ending the war by Christmas. Having only enough supplies to support one advance, the fate of thousands rested in the hands of the few. With Allied superiority on land, sea and air, what could go wrong?

August 16th, 1944

A New Plan

By 1940, Hitler’s promise of no bombs dropped on German cities was rendered hollow by Allied heavy bombers. This drove home the reality that the Luftwaffe lacked behind the Allies in a number of areas. Field Marshal Göring needed an aircraft capable of shooting down Allied bombers before they had the chance to drop their payload on Germany and this demand prompted the production of revolutionary jet fighter different from any other aircraft Germany had produced before. This endeavor was named a three time one thousand project; it called for a heavy fighter capable of flying 1000k distance, at 1000k/h and 1000kg payload. To achieve this, the Germans turned to a time of brothers with an astonishing new design.

The Shermans

Allied infantry always welcomed the sight of a Sherman tank. Its combination of speed, firepower and quick-repair made it an invaluable ground weapon. The sheer number of Shermans in the field usually allowed Allied generals to count on armored superiority, however not all the Sherman’s specks were ideal: it was thinly armored and caught fire easily. In addition its cannon was not large enough to pierce the heavier-armored enemy tanks, a weakness not shared by the German Tiger. Fortunately, all in team work with ground mortars, artillery and the army air force meant no Tiger was impenetrable, thus helping the Shermans rule the day.    

Operation Market Garden

Devised as a joined airborne at ground campaign, Operation Market Garden was the largest airborne operation ever mounted. The Plan, Market: was to take and hold a series of roads and bridges across northern Holland creating a clear path for Garden: an armored push to the border directly east of Berlin. Unfortunately, the German forces engaged there were not the exhausted troops the Allies faced in France; packed Panzer divisions lay and wait, trained to reply the assault. The Allied invasion was alerted outside Nijmegen effectively cutting off more than 10,000 paratroopers dropped in Arnhem. Surrounded, the Allies battled on for 7 days refusing to yield the north side of Arnhem Bridge to a superior force. Finally, when it was decided that Market Garden could not succeed the Allies fell back. 8,000 would be left behind; the Dutch would not see liberation for another 7 mouths.

On a Rail to Nowhere

Supplies and production were vital areas of the war in which the Allies dominated. Relentless, bombing runs over Ruhr Valley factories resulted in an increasingly crippled German War Machine. The radical scraping of the railroads and rain yards left behind broken trains, stalled on destroyed tracks. Without fuel Germany’s heavy weapons were useless: forced Panzers to immobilize and its planes grounded; the German infantry was left to carry on the fight alone.


Well done Jimmy! I couldn’t have expected half the results you achieved, so take much needed r & r and rest-assured we’ll be calling on you soon. With Germany’s battle for Russia going poorly on the eastern front and our success on the western front; Germany’s getting less sure and more dangerous by the day; Hitler is turning to projects we hoped would never see the light of day. You’ll be part of our continuing efforts Patterson so rest for now, we’ll be in touch. 

Mission Briefings

A Storm in the Port

Seaside Stowaway

St. Mathieu, France

17 August 1944 – 0900 Hours

French Resistance operatives have spotted a U-boat in the port city of St. Mathieu. After resupplying, we believe this submarine will head back to the docking pens at Lorient – the most protected German U-boat base in France. To gain access to the base a Lorient, you must stow away within the cargo being loaded aboard the U- boat.

You’ll just be dropped outside of St. Mathieu. Beneath a tree near your insertion point, our operative has hidden a small package which will provide you with further instructions once you’re actually aboard U-4902. Unfortunately, many of the roads in the village have been blocked or destroyed, so getting across town to the cargo loading gate may be no simple task.

Although St. Mathieu has undergone heavy Allied bombings, the enemy is still entrenched. German forces have even managed to pin down some of our troops from the 101st Division, scattered throughout the area. Watch for ambushes and enemy machine gun nests. If the opportunity presents itself, Jimmy, get to high ground and provide some much needed assistance.

Best of luck, Lieutenant!

Special Cargo

Aboard U-4902 near Lorient, France

18 August 1944 – 0400 Hours

Bonjour Monsieur Patterson! My name is Fabrice and I am one of the many proud French citizens fighting the occupation for over four years now. I believe you know my trusted friend, Manon. Her brother and I were great allies before he was killed two years ago in the Academy of Music ambush. When Colonel Hargrove informed me he was sending one of his agents for this mission, I was pleased to hear your name.

I hope you didn’t have trouble finding your way through the village – or what’s left of it. If you’re reading this note, then the resistance drop I left for you was intact.

I have new information for you. Since U-4902 reached St. Mathieu, we have learned that the Kriegsmarine have plans for shore leave at Lorient. It is not a long journey, so sit tight until the U-boat begins docking at the port.

I hate to say this, but there won’t be enough room inside the crate to fit your rifle and I suggest you leave your grenades behind too – you wouldn’t want one of those going off in a pressurized U-boat! However, you’ll be glad to hear that in addition to standard provisions brought on board, such as food and medical supplies, they’re also carrying munitions and explosives. To scuttle the U-boat, plant a few timed charges in her torpedo rooms, set to explode after you escape. Then disable her engines and destroy the radio to keep anyone from alerting the docks.

If you’re very lucky, Jimmy, you may even come across additional weapons and the prized enigma book. We can review any further instructions once you have reached the shipyards.

Á votre santé, mon ami!

Eye of the Storm

Shipyards of Lorient, France

18 August 1944 – 0500 Hours

Now that you’ve struck a blow in Admiral Karl Donitz’s operation by sabotaging U-4902 and have managed to reach the dockyard, get to a safe distance and witness the results of your handiwork. Then advance into the shipyards themselves. You must infiltrate the U-boat bunkers and halt all engineering research and production at this prized facility.

If we can get you to the far side of the facility to destroy the fuel depot, we may tip the scales for the Allies in the Battle of the Atlantic.

One of our informants has concealed a case containing ‘tools’ for you on one of the nearby warehouses. You’ll find the sniper rifle quite effective against guard tower marksmen, while the demolition charges will come in handy blowing up German supply trucks along the way. Keep an eye open for the wet docks and you’ll know you’re close to their supply area.

As I mentioned earlier, you need to get to the far side of the facility. The least conspicuous access point to this area is through a hatch atop a warehouse near an occupied U-boat docking pen. Get on the roof and sneak inside. These shipyards are active twenty-four hours a day, so be careful, Jimmy. We’re counting on you to really put a wrench in this well-oiled machine. It’s essential that we shut them down, Patterson.

Best of Luck! 

A Chance Meeting

Shipyards of Lorient, France

18 August 1944 – 0600 Hours

You’ve infiltrated one of Germany’s most secure U-boat facilities – no small accomplishment, Patterson! Now, get inside Lorient’s U-boat production facility and wreak as much havoc as humanly possible. It’s imperative that we somehow punch a hole in the Reich’s production of these metal beasts.

Once inside, locate the production area and eliminate as many engines and other equipment as you can. Also, obtain any blueprints or documentation you’re lucky enough to come across. Disable or demolish any docked U-boats awaiting deployment. Your final task is to level Lorient’s fuel depot at the far end of the facility. Seek, destroy, and exfiltration as quickly as possible.

Bonne Chance, Patterson!

Needle in a Haystack

Rough Landing

Holland countryside

16 September 1944 – 1830 Hours

A Dutch resistance informant named Gerritt has news critical to Allied Command. However, we’ve lost contact with him and have begun to assume the worst. We must determine what happened to Gerritt and, just as importantly, what he knew. You’ll be dropped outside Kleveburg – the last known position of the informant.

You’ll be dropped a fairly safe distance from town, giving you a chance to survey the area and select the best route into the village. But don’t be fooled by the green and peaceful landscape around Kleveburg — it’s swarming with German forces on leave. Two squad mates will accompany you. Corporal Barnes is a demolitions expert, on his own mission to destroy any tanks you encounter. Your job is to watch his back.

The other is Timothy Connor, a rookie in terms of drops, but an excellent navigator and Dutch translator. Though the area may seem serene, keep in mind that Operation Market Garden is underway. Watch for and assist stray Allies who may have drifted off target during their drop. Also, it’s been reported that German soldiers are mistreating Dutch civilians, so intervene as necessary.

Your squad will see you at the gates of Kleveburg, but you’ll have to search the town alone for any information on the fate of our informant, Gerritt. Ironic, isn’t it? Not long ago, you were flying paratroopers to their destinations. Now, you’re the one dropping into the fire.

Here’s to a soft landing!

The Golden Lion

16 September 1944 – 2000 Hours

Jimmy, you must pursue any leads on our missing Dutch informant. Find a place to hide out just inside the town gates and wait for nightfall. Kleveburg has strict curfew past sundown and the streets are full of German patrols. A resistance contact will bring you a silenced pistol, which will undoubtedly come in handy. The OSS has arranged for an agent named Fox to provide transportation to the Golden Lion, a pub Gerritt is known to frequent.

Before meeting Fox, however, find some tools and perform “repairs” on a German motor pool stopped for the night. A woman in the Dutch resistance will be watching closely for signs of your handiwork. Once you’ve accomplished your task, your trustworthiness will be confirmed and she will signal Fox of your arrival. Fox will then meet you at the far end of an alley in a garage marked with an orange ribbon. You will ease your passage through town if you and Fox pull over to quietly clip an electrical line or drain the oil of any German vehicles you spot.

Your main objective is to reach the pub and reach a resistance contact who may have news about Gerritt. Don’t worry about identifying the contact — once you’re there, he’ll find you. However, as there is currently no combat in the area, this pub is likely to be crawling with rowdy German officers. I suggest “borrowing” a German officer’s uniform and concealing your weapons before entering the pub. Your driver, Fox, will assist you in that area. Happy hunting, Patterson.

Operation Repunzel

Dorne Manor, Kleveburg, Holland

16 September 1944 – 2215 Hours

Bravo, Jimmy – quite a creative diversion! Now, I have important news. Gerritt has been detained at Dorne manor, an estate that serves not only as a recreation center for Nazi officials, but a holding cell of sorts for prisoners in transport. The manor is located a short distance outside of town. Fortunately, the Golden Lion has been ordered to provide refreshments for a massive rally at the manor tomorrow night.

Disguise yourself as a member of the catering staff, and your contact will deliver you to the manor on the back of his truck. Once inside, snoop around and determine where they keep the prisoners. The multitudes of Gestapo present will make this a risky endeavour. However, the activity in preparation for Sturmbannführer Ratter’s visit tomorrow might excuse a little curiosity on the part of the “kitchen help”. There are a few other things you should know. We’ve confirmed that some of the manor staff have rather strong ties to the Dutch resistance.

Gerritt had a map revealing the location of the resistance HQ, as well as some important stolen documents. These items have been hidden somewhere in the manor by a sympathetic housemaid, but we’re concerned the Gestapo will discover them, and the resistance will be flushed out or worse. Find the documents, free Gerritt, and get out of there as quickly as possible.

Good luck, and enjoy the party!

Several Bridges Too Far

Nijmegen Bridge

Nijmegen, Holland

20 September 1944 – 0500 Hours

Jimmy, we’ve arranged to smuggle you from Arnhem to Emmerich, assisted by an OSS agent codenamed “Jigs.” Unfortunately, the only route to Emmerich is across the river Waal, by way of Nijmegen Bridge – smack dab in the middle of Operation Market Garden. Captain Tarver of the 82nd Airborne will escort you to the base of the bridge, but the Allies are not yet ready for a full-scale assault, you’ll be on your own the rest of the way. Your silenced pistol should help you sneak onto the bridge, but you should know the Germans have fortified it with machine gun nests and vehicle obstacles. And, as the enemy would rather demolish Nijmegen Bridge rather than surrender it to the Allies, the span has been wired with explosives. A special warning: This bridge is a prime location for Nazi sharpshooters. Obviously, acquiring a sniper rifle of your own would certainly level the playing field — not to mention make a nice trinket for us to take back to the labs for examination!

Once you’ve crossed the bridge, you’ll need a vehicle to get to Arnhem. British troops are in desperate need of support there, so a truck filled with any sort of rations or supplies, preferably medical, would be a very welcomed sight. Also, an anti-aircraft gun on the far side of the bridge has been costing us fighters lately. See if you can reduce it to scrap, Lieutenant.

Yard by Yard

Arnhem, Holland

21 September 1944 – 1200 Hours

We just heard Brigadeführer Harmel ordered Nijmegen Bridge to be blown. Thanks to your efforts, Jimmy, the span remained intact, and allied forces crossed into Nijmegen last night! Now, we must deliver those medical supplies you liberated to British troops holding out in Arnhem.

The Brits are able to spare a man to drive the truck, but you must scout ahead and destroy any roadblocks. Although combat in the residential district is light, Arnhem is crawling with German and Dutch civilians. The enemy is supposed to be calmly evacuating civilians, but we have reports of looting and assaults. Be on the lookout for any civilians in need of your help.

Finally, the Germans have a command post nearby for relaying orders to troops deeper in Arnhem. Locate and destroy it. In addition, find your way to Arnhem and contact Sergeant Kelso of the 1st British Airborne Division. He and his squad will guide you through what’s left of the city, and hand you off to Jigs along the way.

Arnhem Knights

Arnhem, Holland

21 September 1944 – 1430 Hours

Bloody fine work with those supplies, Lieutenant. The fighting here has been brutal, and as much as I hate to say it, the Germans are wearing us down. Our forces have been splintered, and are fighting isolated battles throughout Arnhem. Your contact, Jigs, is on the top floor of a Customs house on the other side of the city, so we’re going to have to fight our way through at least four known combat zones.

The first has some of our troops pinned down in a basement. There should be a way into the building across the street, to provide you with high ground from which to snipe. The second pocket is an intersection where the Germans have one of two Panzer tanks hunting us. We must destroy both tanks in order to reach the Customs house. The third pocket is between two buildings where Nazi officers on the upper floors have the decided advantage. Again, there should be a way to climb to their level and even the odds.

Finally, a Panzerschreck squad will need to be neutralized. Find the highest ground when dealing with them. Once through the pockets, it’s just a short walk to the house where Jigs awaits. We’ll need to remain in a constant communication and be ever-alert for snipers — and that second Panzer tank. Watch your back Lieutenant. This one’s bound to be chaos!

Rolling Thunder

On Track

Emmerich, Germany

23 September 1944 – 0100 Hours

Welcome to Emmerich, Jimmy. Take one last look around. Come dawn, there won’t be much left. Now, Emmerich station is just outside your hotel window. Sturmgeist’s personal armoured train awaits him there, and he’ll be arriving momentarily to get aboard. We believe his destination is the secret airbase, so you must be a passenger on that train as well, Lieutenant! You’re our best chance at finding that base’s location, Patterson.

While security is light, the Wehrmacht isn’t likely to let you waltz into the terminal, so acquire an officer’s uniform for the task. Then, follow Sturmgeist into the station from a safe distance. While your inside, and before you steal aboard Sturmgeist’s train, see if you might disable the main track controls. This should throe the Nazi’s supply routes into disarray for a while.

Remember, Lieutenant, there is another important reason you need to be on that train. The Royal Air Force will be launching a bombing run on Emmerich tonight, and sadly, come sunrise much of the city will be nothing but rubble. We’d hate to hear that one of our prize agents was somewhere beneath that debris.

So, get on that train, Patterson!

Riding Out the Storm


23 September 1944 – 0700 Hours

Now that you’re aboard the armoured train, make your way toward the front where (as the Nazis are prone to excess) Sturmgeist is more than likely enjoying breakfast in his personal car. First, cut the train’s communications. There should be a radio car near the middle of the train. A few bullets strategically placed should do the trick.

Be methodical – take things one car at a time. And remember, this train is no simple trolley! There is enough firepower attached to this one train to hold off a platoon of Sherman Tanks. Once the Germans realize you’re aboard, they won’t hesitate to turn that firepower against you. You should also be aware this isn’t the only armoured train in the vicinity. If you don’t get to the radio car in time, the enemy will call for support.

By the time you catch up with Sturmgeist, you may well be near the secret airfield. If you get the opportunity to eliminate him, be sure to claim his briefcase. It’s bound to be brimming with all sorts of incredibly valuable information. One last piece of advice Lieutenant…

Try not to fall off!


Friedrichsroda, Germany

23 September 1944 – 1000 Hours

Sturmgeist has given us the slip, leaving you stranded several miles from the airfield. At least now we know your destination. According to the paperwork in the briefcase, the airfield is located directly outside the city of Gotha. Those railroad tracks you’re following will lead right to it.

Unfortunately, you no longer have a ride. You’re on foot near the industrial center of the town of Friedrichsroda. You’ll need to find yourself another vehicle and get to the airfield as quickly as possible. We’ve got serious plans for that airbase over the next day or two, and there’s no way we’ll complete our mission with you slowly trudging there! En route to the base, however, there are a few things we need you to do.

According to the documents in the briefcase, the industrial center of Friedrichsroda is a fuel supply transport location for the Gotha production facility toward which you are headed. These are significant opportunities ahead to literally ground jet fighter production in the area, not to mention your best chance for obtaining transportation for miles to come. Work some creative elimination on the depots, Patterson, then hit the road to Gotha and find that airbase.

Good luck!

The Horten’s Nest

Clipping Their Wings

Near Gotha

27 September 1944 – 0317 Hours

Excellent work tailing Sturmgeist, Jimmy. You’ve infiltrated one of Germany’s many aircraft facilities — this one in the hills just outside of Gotha. Intelligence reports suggest the location is a secret research and production facility that the Nazis have erected within a complex system of caves and tunnels left vacant by a former mining operation.

Getting inside this secured facility wasn’t an easy task. It’s unfortunate that having to squeeze through air ducts to gain entrance; you’ve been left with only your trusty sidearm. Not to worry, however. One of our scientist friends in this facility has leaked information that the Nazis are reverse engineering some captured Allied weapons. If you can make it into the storage room hust beyond the barracks, you should be able to find a partner or two for that sidearm of yours.

Our scientist friend has also left you a small spy camera, hidden away in his sleeping quarters. Find it and take photographs of any aircraft blueprints or technical documents you come across. In addition, destroy any airplanes or other equipment should you get the chance. Sturmgeist has most likely alerted the facility, so keep on your toes and you’ll make it out of the facility in one piece. 

Enemy Mine

Deep within the hills of Gotha

27 September 1944 – 0347 Hours

As unlikely as it seems Jimmy, the only way to position you where we want you is through the very heart of this facility – the abandoned mine shafts. We’ll assume that the Nazis have been alerted to your get away scheme, or at the very least, your presence among them at the facility.

Thus, all I can suggest if for you to be extremely cautious to conceal your ever-changing position. You will truly be on your own this time, Lieutenant. Intelligently ration whatever weapons you have successfully accumulated, since there almost certainly be little chance of commandeering any during your escape.

We need you on the far side of this facility, Patterson. Once you’ve emerged from this underground complex, you’ve got a vital rendezvous with our newest German technological enemy – the HO-IX experimental jet fighter. It is crucial to the future of the Allies that you succeed, Jimmy. Now stay sharp, and out of harm’s way.

Under the Radar

Near Gotha

27 September 1944 – 0459 Hours

While you were making your way through the underground production facility, Sturmgeist’s private car escorted him to an elite Luftwaffe training camp. We’ve known about the existence of several top secret Nazi training sites, but most of their exact locations have eluded us until now. This particular camp is situated on or adjacent to the Gotha aircraft facility itself.

We’ve confirmed that Baron Rudolph Ulbricht von Sturmgeist  has indeed been given stewardship of the Nazi Prototype HO-IX , and we’re speculating that the Nazi high command has ordered him to get the aircraft to an undisclosed location before it is discovered. Should this prototype go into full-scale production, the likelihood for an Allied victory any time soon would rapidly erode. It is our plan to cover this entire area with ordnances as soon as possible.

Jimmy, we must know your exact location. A large number of Allied resources have been committed to this bombing raid, and we’re all counting on you to radio us the facility’s coordinates. In the meantime, find and sabotage any radar installations you come across. You’ll need to acquire some explosives. However, as you have demonstrated your resourcefulness time and time again, I have every confidence you’ll get the job done.

Good luck, Patterson!

Stealing the Show 

Near Gotha

27 September 1944 – 0630 Hours

Outstanding, Jimmy!

We received your radio transmission of the coordinates, and the bombing campaign is underway. We had hoped that we could wait until we were assured that you would be safely clear of the attack zone before we sent the first wave of bombers, but the high command has decided that the destruction of the HO-IX and the surrounding airfields cannot wait a single moment more.

You have performed heroically, my friend, and the entire Allied command is indebted to you. Your bravery and outstanding soldiering skill have no doubt carned you significant commendations. I sincerely hope that I will have the pleasure of presenting them to you in person. This has been the toughest of calls, Lieutenant, but the bombers are on their way. If you have not yet exhilarated the facility, you must get out at once!

While your primary mission is to get yourself out before you’re caught in the bombing run, I leave you with this Patterson: If you see Sturmgeist, eliminate him. Should you uncover the HO-IX, steal it, and take the joyride of your life! This will require the limits of your courage, Jimmy. It is essential that we snatch that plane from the enemy’s hands. I trust I will hear from you soon.

God speed, Lieutenant.


With thanks to FRKv2 on YouTube and game.

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